ترجمه مقاله اثر روش مدیریت کیفی در روند خلق علم

ترجمه مقاله اثر روش مدیریت کیفی در روند خلق علم


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Today’s review for Quality Management, describes the strategy of improving the quality pays. However, the studies on the impact of quality management practices of knowledge production process will not be considered. Based on comprehensive research survey, field study, the effect of management practices on the quality of the process of knowledge production into consideration. The proposed models and hypotheses using survey data collected from airlines in China are presented and tested. Some structural models to test hypotheses are supported. We find that employee training, employee involvement, product design, assessment and comparative statement of future prospects have a significant direct impact on the process of knowledge production. We also find that some other methods of quality management, as well as senior management, customer satisfaction, quality of management, quality information, and knowledge and benefits has a direct impact on production is not knowledge.
عنوان انگلیسی مقاله: Impact of quality management practices on the knowledge creation process
عنوان فارسی مقاله: تاثیر شیوه های مدیریت کیفی در فرایند تولید دانش (چشم انداز شرکت هواپیمایی چینی)
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ترجمه مقاله اثر روش مدیریت کیفی در روند خلق علم

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