ترجمه مقاله آنالیز مکانیسم عیب در واریز فولاد ابزار

ترجمه مقاله آنالیز مکانیسم عیب در واریز فولاد ابزار


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The process of molding and casting industry continues to be done manually. The result of this process, heavily depends on the quality templates that worker skills, experience and attitude, patience and focus during the day. To date, no systematic approach or explanation for the appearance of defects (polishing) there. 10 types of steel with different coefficients were analyzed to see how they affect the final surface quality payment system, purity or placed microstructure. Surface roughness and image quality with SEM, is shown. It can be concluded that the purity and uniformity of steel including essential factors in the final surface quality are obtained. Each level is lower capacity, higher surface quality. Moreover, the classification of defects incurred during the checkout process is shown in this article
Keywords: production process, payment, failure mechanism
عنوان انگلیسی مقاله: Analysis of defect mechanisms in polishing of tool steels
عنوان فارسی مقاله: تجزیه و تحلیل مکانیسم های نقص در پرداخت فولاد ابزار
دسته: متالوژی مواد – مهندسی مواد
فرمت فایل ترجمه شده: WORD (قابل ویرایش)
تعداد صفحات فایل ترجمه شده: ۱۹


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ترجمه مقاله آنالیز مکانیسم عیب در واریز فولاد ابزار

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